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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Design Magazine Hell

I love design magazine's, really I do.  That said, I get frustrated with the propensity to show homes that are for the most of us, not real.  When reading these magazines, know that they, like fashion magazines show ideas and homes that don't necessarily reflect reality nor do they reflect the way people live today.  Like trying to fit into a size two dress shown on the model in the fashion mags, owning a home with towering 11 foot ceilings and room to spare for libraries and book ladders, is just not what the average Joe or Jane lives in.
Unfortunately they will never show the real deal.  The mess that needs cleaning up after Sunday dinner, the hairs on those nice white bathroom floors or the dust bunnies that collect on the beautifully polished dark walnut hardwood. 
This article by John Hill gives some wonderfully creative ideas on ceiling solutions.  I have only a handful of clients for whom these strategies will work and even fewer clients who own homes like these.  I can't help looking at the images and thinking, "where's all their stuff?!"  Picture perfect for sure, but functional and budget friendly?  Not so much.  Doesn't hurt to enjoy the view though!



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